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3 reasons why you should vote

3 reasons why you should vote:


  1. Your vote is your voice.

    If you want to see changes in your community and in the country at large, you need to vote for candidates that best represent your issues or hold elected officials accountable to what they promised. Do you feel like your Board of Supervisors doesn’t hear you out when you ask for a raise? – then VOTE against them. Do you feel like certain elected officials in Sacramento have worked hard to support issues that matter to you? – then VOTE for them. Are there issues in your community that are being addressed on the ballot? — then VOTE.

  1. There is power in numbers.

    The power of the people elects leaders to office.When certain voting blocs vote more frequently — working families, millennials, minorities –, there is an opportunity to move advocate for issues that matter to us. We fight for those who fight for us.

  1. Generations that came before us fought so that we could have the right to vote.

    Prior to the Voting Rights Act and women’s suffrage, most women and people of color were not allowed to vote. The right to vote is a civil right that those who came before us fought hard to secure, it is our responsibility and duty to exercise that right.

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