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Nursing Home Workers at Windsor Facilities throughout the State Call on Management to Treat Its Workers with Dignity and Respect

SEIU Local 2015 host actions at Windsor facilities throughout the state to demand living wage, access to affordable health care, safe working environment, dignified retirement, and respect for all its workers.

CALIFORNIASEIU Local 2015 in partnership with community allies across the state will be launching statewide actions, including a press conference in Artesia, a vigil in Hayward, and leafletting and marches on the boss at Windsor facilities throughout the state, calling on management to treat their workers with the dignity and respect they deserve.

On behalf of nearly 1,500 Windsor nursing home workers represented by the union, SEIU Local 2015 demands that workers at Windsor facilities be provided a living wage, access to affordable health coverage, a safe working environment, safe staffing levels, a dignified retirement, and the ability for all workers, including immigrants, to work free of harassment and intimidation.

Historically, Windsor Healthcare has been an employer that operates at a higher standard in the long term care industry. However, due to its current treatment of workers, lately, Windsor has lowered its quality ratings and even prompted a lawsuit by the patients of Windsor Healthcare for chronic understaffing and poor delivery of services.

“The sad part about this situation is that when a nursing home facility is understaffed the care of residents at these facilities suffer,” Aurora Iturbe, worker at Windsor Facility in Artesia. ”Without practiced, dedicated, and sufficient staff to assist a patient to eat and drink, the resident can suffer malnutrition and dehydration. If skin care is rushed or neglected, continence care is delayed and pressure sores can form. This is why providing quality, person-centered care to each patient in the various facilities is of primary importance and this requires time, experienced staff, and a generous investment by the employer.”

We urge Windsor to provide dignity wages and treat its workers with respect by ensuring they are provided healthcare and necessary benefits as opposed to using fearmongering tactics that call into question worker immigration status. Windsor Healthcare describes its high quality care as “person-centered care with dignity, respect, compassion and integrity”, yet have failed to treat those who provide the care with those same principles in mind.

SEIU Local 2015 is confident that together, Windsor’s leadership and its workforce can achieve the mission and promise to every patient.

WHO: SEIU Local 2015 members and Windsor nursing home workers throughout California


WHAT: Nursing home workers to host various actions at Windsor nursing home facilities throughout the state, including a press conference in Artesia, a vigil in Hayward, leafletting and marches on the boss at additional facilities, and digital call-to-action:


Press Conference – 3:30 PM
Windsor Palms Care Center of Artesia
11900 Artesia Blvd, Artesia, Ca   90701


Candle Light Vigil – 7:00 AM
Windsor Post-Acute Hayward
25919 Gading Road, Hayward, CA 94544
Vigil ends at 4:00 PM

FB live stream at 3:30PM

Live streaming of press conference will take place on SEIU Local 2015’s Facebook page. The public will also be invited to contact Windsor Healthcare directly urging them to treat their workers with dignity and respect.

VISUALS: Community leaders and other allies, SEIU Local 2015 members, and Windsor nursing home workers wearing purple scrubs urging Windsor management to treat its workers with dignity and respect.

Follow the conversation: @SEIU2015 #FairContractNOW

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About SEIU Local 2015

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November 15th, 2016