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A Message from our President: Caregivers Will Not Be Silenced – We Will Only Grow Stronger and Defend the Worker Rights that are Rightfully Ours!

A Message from our President: Caregivers Will Not Be Silenced – We Will Only Grow Stronger and Defend the Worker Rights that are Rightfully Ours!

May 3, 2019

Sisters and Brothers,

Yesterday, the Trump Administration’s ongoing attacks on working people continued with a direct attack on our IHSS members. With the release of a Centers on Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rule change the Administration is attempting to eliminate the ability for Medicaid funded home care workers across the nation to make common paycheck deductions for things such as health insurance, union dues, and other expenses that all other workers have the right to make.

The CMS rule is nothing new. When working class people, especially when they’re people of color, learn how to fight and win for what is right, they become a threat to those who don’t want their status quo disrupted. Home care workers have fought and won improvements to their communities, their working conditions, and their wages because they formed the largest long-term care union in the country and the Trump Administration is threatened by that. This is just another pathetic attempt to break up the power of our country’s home care workers.

We will prevail!

Just as the Supreme Court ruling in Harris vs Quinn was intended to weaken the collective voice of caregivers, it only made our members stronger and more determined to fight together with a unified voice.

Together as SEIU Local 2015, we have been instrumental in the Fight for 15 – making California the first state in the nation to raise its minimum wage and create a path to earning at least $15 an hour; we have fought for and won bail reform – bringing justice to an in just system; we have lifted up the voices of caregivers across the state – demanding higher wages and benefits; and together, we will take this opportunity to grow stronger and defend the worker rights that are rightfully ours!

SEIU Local 2015 will be joining other union members across the country in challenging this CMS rule in court and stopping it from taking effect.

While we fight back in the courts to demand the rights that are rightfully ours, we will continue our work to ensure that the 7% cuts to IHSS are permanently restored in the State budget, fight to protect nursing home residents and workers by passing AB 1695, and work with the state to ensure that if the federal government enacts Electronic Visit Verification it’s on the terms of caregivers – not the White House. We will also take this moment to strengthen our union by recommitting to our vision for a better future for caregivers by recommitting to our organization.

Together, we will do what we do best – stand united, fight forward, and win!

We will keep you posted as we move forward to defeat this most recent attack by the Trump Administration on our members and our country’s working families. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions, please feel free to email them to MyCMSQuestion@SEIU2015.org.

In Solidarity,

April Verrett
President, SEIU Local 2015

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