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AB 1513: The Fight For All Homecare Workers

AB 1513: The Fight For All Homecare Workers

Did you know that there is still a home care workforce out there that can only dream about fair compensation, being treated with respect, having a voice and being able to vote on their wages? Unfortunately, this is currently not the reality for private home care aides. They are incredibly isolated and subject to abuse. In addition, homecare workers are geographically spread out and do not have contact with co-workers and often change worksites, moving from private home to private home.

Our long-term efforts to improve private home care are directly tied into unionization. When workers are trained, licensed, properly compensated, and have a voice, the quality of care improves tremendously. This is why we need Governor Brown to sign AB 1513 and ensure that private homecare workers have the option to choose to join our collective power and organize for better conditions and wages as well. This legislation would allow workers to access training opportunities, the ability to address labor violations, and to collectively negotiate for fair wages and benefits.

Click the image below to tweet at Governor Brown and ask him to support AB 1513!

AB 1513 would allow the workers to have a choice in whether they want to share their information with labor unions to gain access to training opportunities, have the ability to address labor violations, and be able to negotiate for fair wages and benefits. Right now, private homecare workers do not have a real choice to join a union. Caregivers don’t have a workplace and have little to no contact with their coworkers, making it challenging to collectively organize. However, we can change this if Governor Brown signs AB 1513.

AB 1513 also addresses privacy concerns and provides a gold standard by giving each worker the option to opt-out of sharing their information, while adding statutory protections on how this information can be used. Homecare workers must be properly compensated, respected, and given a voice. Change starts with you, so let’s team up to make our voices heard.

Please contact Governor Brown’s office at 916-445-2841 and tell him to sign AB 1513 into law and give caregivers a real choice to join the union. You can also click here to Tweet at Governor Brown.

When we fight together, we rise together!

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