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California Disaster Resource Guide

California Disaster Resource Guide


Disaster Resource Guide, download the pdf.

Where to find help after a natural disaster.

Immediate Text Search for Emergency Shelters and Disaster Recovery Centers

To find an Open Emergency Shelter: text Shelter and your zip code to 43362 (FEMA).

To find an Open Disaster Recovery Center, text DRC and your zip code to 43362 (FEMA).

For example: to find a shelter near the Los Angeles Local, I would text SHELTER 90057 to 43362 The text response should send the address of the shelter or Disaster Response Center. It will not say if a shelter is full. (Normal text rates apply.)


Your Social Network and Local Community Groups

Although there are many services available “on paper”, the truth is that services
may be difficult to access. Help might be limited or take a long time to receive.

Call Your Social Worker ASAP:
If you have experienced a natural disaster, there are many people that your client
or family member’s social worker will be called on to help. Get your call in ASAP,
so that you can get in line and get that ball rolling.

Your Friends And Family:
This is the time to ask for help from anyone you can think of that might be able to

Help from Your Union, Social Network and Local Community Groups

Local Helping Organizations:
This is help from your Union, churches, and other “helping” organizations. SEIU
State Council collects donations to give out to our Union brothers and sisters in
times of need.

To apply for a grant or donate to our SEIU 2015 disaster fund, go to

Many churches have food pantries. The Red Cross and The Salvation Army can
help with shelter and clothes. To find your local helping organizations, dial 2-1-1
or go to www.211ca.org


Private Insurance: -If you have insurance, file your claim ASAP.

If you get stuck or your insurance agent isn’t being helpful, you can call the
California Dept. of Insurance at 1-800-927-HELP (4357) or go to

Your SEIU Union Natural Disaster Relief Fund

Your SEIU Union has a Natural Disaster Relief Fund, SEIU Members donate to the fund so that money is available to help their Brothers and Sisters in their time of need.
To donate to the SEIU Disaster Relief Fund or to apply for help, go to:

To download the Application and Instructions, go to:

SEIU Natural Disaster Relief Fund: Types of Help

SEIU offers 2 types of funding help:
Housing Assistance: May include cost of temporary housing or repair to existing housing. Maximum assistance amount: $1,000 per SEIU household.

Other Needs Assistance: Costs of disaster related expenses and serious needs, including medical and dental expenses, funeral and burial costs, repair or replacement of household items such as clothing, furniture, necessary occupational tools and educational materials, costs for clean-up, excess utility costs, and other disaster related expenditures.

Maximum Assistance Amount: $2,000 per SEIU member No single member shall receive more than $2,500 in assistance. Members sharing living quarters or otherwise sharing financial responsibility for each other shall be limited to a maximum of $4,000 per household.

SEIU Natural Disaster Relief Recovery Fund: Required Documents

Along with your application, you will need to submit:
Receipts or other 3rd party documentation of personal funds spent to recover
from the Natural Disaster.

Receipts or invoices for repairs completed, rent statements, cancelled checks, or other statements that prove that you spent money to purchase goods or services because of the natural disaster.

What your receipts must say:
Name, address, and phone number for the service provider or retailer Exclusions/Restrictions: No cash advances. Your funds must be spent first and then, if eligible, the union can reimburse you.

SEIU Natural Disaster Relief Funds Eligibility Requirements:


  • You must be a full dues paying member of an SEIU California local
    union for a minimum of six months in the last two years.
  • The months of membership do not need to be consecutive.
  • Your must live or have lived in a California county affected by the
    disaster during the last twelve (12) months
  • All losses claimed should be because of the natural disaster

Help from your Union:
How to Apply for Help from the Natural Disaster Relief Fund

Go to:
Download and complete the application
then email it to:

Attn: Disaster Relief

or mail it to:

SEIU California State Council 1130 K
Street, Suite 300 Sacramento, CA 95814

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