Call Governor Brown And Ask Him To Support Safe Staffing Standards In Nursing Homes

California must do better in raising the standards of care and dignity for nursing home residents, which include the elderly, infirm, and most vulnerable populations in our state.

Governor Brown must pass a state budget that better protects nursing home residents who are currently at risk of illness, injury, or dying alone due to outdated staffing standards that take a toll on caregivers and the quality of care they can provide to our loved ones. The budget proposal to raise the standard of care in nursing homes would align California with what previous federal reports have recommended and would improve the responsiveness of our caregivers who provide assistance in daily living for the most vulnerable people in our society.

Now is the time for California to continue to lead the nation by protecting seniors and disabled communities, a sharp contrast to a White House policy agenda that has squarely targeted care for those who need it most.

California is better than that.

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June 5th, 2017