Happy CNA Week!

SEIU Local 2015 represents long-term care workers throughout the State of California. This week is CNA Week, a week dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the work of Certified Nursing Assistants. This is also an opportunity to let CNA’s in our Nursing Facilities know: You are Appreciated!

Certified Nurse Assistants ensure that seniors and those with disabilities can live a life of dignity and respect. They are the front-line heroes of our nursing homes, who have stood up not only for their rights, but for quality care and dignity care for those they care for.

SEIU Local 2015’s CNA’s were instrumental in passing safe staffing ratios, helping improve the quality of care for nursing home residents. California’s Certified Nursing Assistants do challenging work with compassion. They aim to deliver the best care for California’s elderly and people with disabilities, but when nursing homes fail to provide adequate staffing, these caregivers are put in impossible situations. The results are predictable and tragic: residents suffer and workers face burnout and physical injury.

We know that a transformational labor movement must not only narrowly focus on our member benefits or wages or jobs but must also transform the long-term care delivery system to ensure that residents of our state’s long-term care facilities are given adequate care.

CNAs stood together against nursing home management that put profits over workers and over patients.

For example, one of our members Graciela Pennington, was so overworked, that her patient, who was in transition, died while calling out her name. Graciela was unable to tend to her patient in her last moments. However, Graciela and her fellow CNA’s were able to come together with their union and lobby their legislators to make change that improved both the lives of CNAs and the quality of life of their patients.

By coming together as a union, the workers of our state’s nursing homes were able to use their collective voice and power to not only lift standards for themselves, but transform our industry and better the quality of life of their patients.

While CNAs are the true heroes of California, who help their patients every day, they do not get the recognition they deserve. This week is about recognising the hard work and contributions of SEIU Local 2015’s CNAs.

Thank you for everything that you do! You are appreciated!

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