Home Care Worker Reacts to Trumpcare: This Is Not What I Voted For

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Home Care Worker Reacts to Trumpcare: This Is Not What I Voted For

California –  Despite pleas from Americans across the country, today the House voted to approve the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and move forward a cruel Trumpcare Bill. A move which impacts over 24 million Americans as it seeks to gut protections for pre-existing conditions and eliminate services for people with special needs, among other things.

Richard Dituri, a home care worker from Tulare County in California voted for Trump in November and the future of his work and livelihood is now uncertain.

Richard reacted following today’s House vote:

“When I voted for President Trump, I wanted him to improve healthcare. I did not imagine he and Congress would vote to end Medicaid. My care recipient needs Medicaid to survive; he would not have prescription medicines, doctors’ visits, or home care services without Medicaid.

“If he’s without Medicaid then I’m without a job because he would no longer qualify for the program that allows him to receive the lifesaving care he receives at home — the care that I provide him. My bills and my rent are now on the line because I may be out of a job, but I also don’t want to give up on a care recipient that depends on me.

“This is a nightmare I’m hoping to wake up from.”

Richard is the primary care provider for his partner of 26 years. Five years ago, his partner became reliant on the In-Home Support Services (IHSS) program as he needed full-time care due to his increasing back problems, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and heart problems. Richard left his job to become his partner’s caregiver and helps him with everything from getting around the house, administering medication, and taking him to critical doctor appointments.

Richard was one of thousands of home care workers in California that called on Congress to protect Medicaid, a program that provides funding for IHSS which allows seniors and people with disabilities to receive care at home.

SEIU Local 2015, representing over 325,000 home care and nursing home workers throughout the state of California, vows to hold California members of Congress who voted yes on this disastrous bill accountable during upcoming Recess and in 2018.

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