June 20: National Call In Day — Your Voice can Save Millions of Lives by Stopping the Healthcare Repeal Bill in the Senate


Dear Brothers & Sisters —

Realizing that we could potentially lose our healthcare all because Republicans in Congress have decided that our health is worth sacrificing in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy is a hard pill to swallow.

However, our voices together can stop the Healthcare Repeal Bill in the Senate and save millions of lives. We can show Republicans what it means to be 325,000 caregivers strong!

Join us on Tuesday, June 20, for a National Call-In Day to protect Medicaid and Healthcare for millions of Americans.

The current version of the American Health Care Act (A.K.A. The Un-American Health Care Act) would rip healthcare away from 23 million Americans! The House bill would increase the cost of healthcare by as much as 20 percent, risk the health of 1 in 5 Americans who count on Medicaid, and put millions of Americans out of work. Republicans have decided to throw all of us under the bus, all to give the corporations and millionaires huge tax breaks!

We need 5 minutes of your time to call 866-426-2631 and tell Senate Republicans to Vote NO on a repeal bill that puts special interests first and quality, affordable healthcare for the rest of us — last.

Brothers and sisters — we must take action — our Resistance is crucial to the survival of our communities and the preservation of our basic human rights to healthcare access.

Please call today!


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June 14th, 2017