Scott Mann

“Let’s Stop the Politicking, and Bring Caregivers to the Table to Fix America’s Health Care System for Our Seniors” says SEIU Local 2015 President April Verrett


As the Trump administration reports that Medicare’s Hospital Insurance Trust Fund is set to run out of funds by 2026 due to rising health care costs, an aging population, and decreasing revenues, California’s largest long term care workers’ union, April Verrett, issued the following statement:

“Seniors and long term care workers in California refuse to accept this complacency by the Trump administration and our lawmakers, acting like there’s nothing to be done about the draining of the Medicare Trust Fund. We got this same warning last year that seniors could lose care by 2026. Instead of taking the bold steps we need to address this crisis, they’ve done nothing except play politics with people’s lives.

“California has the greatest number of Medicare beneficiaries in the country and an elderly population that continues to grow. As the largest union of home care and nursing home workers in the state, SEIU Local 2015 and its 385,000 members stand on the frontlines ready to defend the vital services of our long term care system. We know we cannot solve this crisis without the participation of caregivers. Our members will cut through the politics and get to work on real solutions because millions of lives are at stake.”


Press release


April 23rd, 2019