Dignity Can’t Wait

For far too long, home care workers have been denied basic workers’ rights like overtime pay and a steady paycheck. Thanks to the collective voice of SEIU 2015 members, we are solidifying these basic worker rights for home care workers in California, and setting the example for the rest of the nation to follow.

Home care workers take care of our most vulnerable populations in the comfort of their own home—where their care recipients want to be. For many, like our brother Louis James, their whole lives revolve around the people they care for: They don’t eat until their consumers’ needs are met, they keep the home clean and safe, and they use their own cars and income to care for recipients’ errands and needs.

Watch the video below as Louis and Tina James let the state know why dignity for home care workers can’t wait!

On Wednesday, March 9th, dozens of home care workers travelled to Sacramento to encourage our elected officials to support fixes to the overtime law, and to support the permanent restoration of the 7% cut made to the In-Home Support Services (IHSS) budget. Home care workers and their loved ones deserve the same dignity and respect that is afforded to other California workers and families, like overtime pay and job security. No one who works this hard should have to worry about being on the state chopping block every year.

Stand with home care workers by signing this petition and share why dignity can’t wait for home care workers and care recipients.




March 12th, 2016