Nursing home workers picketed billionaire-owned Los Angeles nursing home in protest of hazardous working conditions and fear-mongering.

SEIU Montecito Heights KMEX-Nursing home workers picket for safer working conditions

Los Angeles — A billionaire-owned Los Angeles nursing home is under fire as workers are fed up with hazardous working conditions due to understaffing and fear-mongering from management to keep workers from negotiating for a new contract calling for better working conditions. Dozens of workers will picket outside the facility on Friday.

The nursing home, Montecito Heights Healthcare and Wellness Centre which is owned by billionaire Shlomo Rechnitz, is currently operating below state-mandated staffing levels with workers tending to up to 20 patients in a given shift. A new California law requires nursing homes to be adequately staffed to properly and safely care for the residents and workers say too many injuries are occurring and residents aren’t receiving the proper care and nutrition they need due to understaffing and insufficient supplies. When attempting to file a complaint, management is suspending workers and refusing to meet to discuss the issues that need to be addressed.




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June 15th, 2019