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Open Letter from SEIU Local 2015 President, Laphonza Butler

Open Letter from SEIU Local 2015 President, Laphonza Butler

Dear SEIU Local 2015 Sisters and Brothers:

Today, this week, this month, has seemed so hard…hard for our members, hard for our families, hard for our communities, and hard for our morals and values as human beings. With rulings of the US Supreme Court that condoned religious bias, thwarted the voices of millions of workers whose lives have improved by being a part of a fighting union, a Presidential Administration that ignores the cries of mothers, fathers, and children, it would be understandable for all of us to be exhausted, frustrated, and feel a sense of hopelessness.

But not the members of SEIU Local 2015….

Instead, we rolled up our sleeves and continued the FIGHT! Thousands of our Los Angeles members demanded respect and dignity wagest last week at the Board of Supervisors. Our members fought to create universal child care in San Francisco and raise their wages to the highest in the country!

Our members stood strong to help stare down nursing home bosses who try to rip dignity from our members and their patients each and every day!

Last week, our members were in the State Capitol testifying in committees to pass legislation that unites homecare aides in the private agency industry, establishes peer-to-peer learning opportunities for homecare providers, and creates a path to put an end to sexual harassment for IHSS providers and their consumers.

You all have been a part of creating an inspiring movement to empower homecare, nursing home, and private agency workers all over this state and this nation! And I know sometimes the unrelenting “bad news” can seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. But since 2014 when this same Supreme Court tried to tell our members that our union didn’t matter and that our voices didn’t count, we have been at the front of the line saying “HELL NO! WE WILL ORGANIZE, UNIONIZE, AND WIN!”

Team 2015 never quits! We never give up! We fight until the end! And we demand the change that working families deserve! And no court decision, anti-union congress, or occupant of the White House will slow us down! For when we stand together, together we rise.

Stay committed. Stay engaged. Join Today!

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