Paid Sick Days

Paid Sick Leave FAQ from SEIU Local 2015

Major Wins: Paid Sick Leave FAQ

How Did IHSS Providers Get Sick Leave?

IHSS providers won sick leave legislation because they organized through their union and used that power to lobby in Sacramento for this legislation.

When Will I Start Accruing Paid Sick Leave?

Providers  that began working for an IHSS recipient prior July 1, 2018  will earn eight hours, or one day, of paid sick leave after they have worked 100 hours from July 1st.

New providers (those who begin working for an IHSS recipient after July 1, 2018) will earn eight hours of paid sick leave after they have worked 100 hours from their initial hire date.

When Can I Start Using Paid Sick Leave?

An IHSS provider can use his/her paid sick leave hours after working an additional 200 hours providing services to an IHSS recipient, or 60 calendar days from the date on which the provider earned his/her paid sick leave hours, whichever comes first. The soonest an IHSS provider will be eligible to use their accrued sick time hours is September 2018.

Will I Only Get Up To One Day Of Sick Leave A Year?

Starting January 1, 2020 you will begin to accrue up to 2 days of sick leave each year. Starting January 1, 2023 you will begin to accrue up to three days.

How Do I Use Sick Leave?

To use your sick hours you must submit SOC 2302, located here.

For more information call the Member Action Center at 855-810-2015

More for information on sick day training, please visit your region below:




June 28th, 2018