San Bernardino County Caregivers Held Action Outside of County’s Caregiver Appreciation Event

SEIU 2015 & Local Faith Leaders Demand the County Take Back Their $0 Offer and Support a Livable Wage for IHSS Caregivers

In Response to Recent Contract Negotiations Where County Offered a $0 Raise to Workers

(EMPIRE NEWS NETWORK (ENN)—- SAN BERNARDINO, CA— Last week, San Bernardino County Caregivers held an action outside of the County’s Caregiver Appreciation Event in response to their recent contract negotiations where the County Negotiator offered a $0 wage increase to the county’s 26,000 In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Providers.

“We declined the county’s invitation to their annual Caregiver Appreciation event because, as a caregiver, I don’t feel appreciated,” said 32-year-old Victoria Osorio, IHSS Provider in Yucaipa. “The county showed how much they appreciate us when they offered us $0 at the bargaining table. The $0 was not just an insult to me and my coworkers, but the seniors and people with disabilities who depend on us every day to help them get by. The county is lying to the community when they say they appreciate caregivers and the work we do.”

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December 7th, 2018