SEIU Local 2015 Applauds California Attourney General Becerra’s Legal Action Against the Federal Goverment’s CMS Rule Change

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SEIU Local 2015 Applauds California Attourney General Becerra’s Legal Action Against the Federal Goverment’s CMS Rule Change

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May 13, 2019 (Sacramento, CA) – Today, SEIU Local 2015 President, April Verrett, shared the following comments during Attorney General Becerra’s press conference regarding the State’s legal action against the Federal Government’s CMS Rule Change:

“On behalf of our membership, I want to thank the Attorney General for taking the lead on this action against this hateful federal rule change targeting home care providers, and for being a voice for home care workers not only across California but across the nation.”

“We know what this CMS rule change really is – it’s a shameful political attack on home care providers who are largely women and women of color.”

“It’s an attempt to silence their voice and to push them back into the shadows.”

“Ever since home care workers organized here in California, they have fought hard to bring dignity and respect to the important work that they do caring for our seniors and people with disabilities.”

“Together they have won improvements to their own working conditions and have played a key role in helping to pass California’s minimum wage that places all low-wage workers on a path to earning $15 an hour.”

“Together they have helped to improve the care and access to care that our most vulnerable resident’s needs.”

“And Together home care workers across California and the country have become a powerful political voice fighting to protect worker rights and to hold government accountable to doing what’s best for working families, our seniors and those with disabilities – NOT corporate interests.”

“Because of what they have achieved by standing together home care workers have become a threat to the current presidential administration and therefore have become a target.”

“Rather than applauding home care workers for what they’ve achieved to bring dignity and respect to this work, the administration has chosen to shamefully take steps to silence them. That’s right – to silence those who are doing God’s work by caring for our parents, grandparents, and loved ones with disabilities.

“Attorney General Becerra, again I want to thank you and the other AGs across the country who are a part of this action to stop this rule from taking effect and I want to let you know that long term care workers across this state stand with you and will fight beside you to ensure that we prevail.”

A livestream of the press conference can be viewed here: SEIU Local 2015 Facebook.


SEIU Local 2015 represents over 385,000 home care and nursing home workers across California.

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