SEIU Local 2015 speaks at Supervisor’s meeting on ‘caregiving crisis’

SEIU Local 2015 speaks at Supervisor’s meeting on ‘caregiving crisis’

Members of SEIU Local 2015 are speaking out about what they are calling a crisis, with a lack of In Home Support Service Workers in the county. They spoke during public comment at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday to highlight the issue.

The union says the county is suffering from a significant workforce shortage in IHSS, due to the fact that care giving continues to be pegged as a minimum wage job, with caregivers unable to make ends meet.

They say the recent closure of one of the care homes in the county is only exacerbating this problem. Because of this, the growing number of people who need care are not getting it.

Officer Kim Evon says this is an issue that needs immediate attention from government officials.

“I hope they hear that it is the morally right thing to do, to lead on this issue,” Evon said. “It’s the fiscally responsible thing to do to lead on this issue, and that in a time of crisis is when leadership matters the most. We’re asking them to lead with urgency, and to lead with action.”

Evon also said that in just the last year, there were 280,000 IHSS hours that went unused.

Article from: KIEM-TV Channel 3

Press release: Humboldt County Caregivers Call on Board to Act Now


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December 15th, 2016