SEIU Local 2015 Wants You!

SEIU Local 2015 Wants You!

The services provided by long term caregivers like you are invaluable. You help families cope with the challenges of having an aging or disabled relative. You improve the quality of life of people who have much to offer the world, but need assistance to make those contributions. You are an integral part of the health care system in this country and your role will be even more important in the coming years.

Just as you support those in need, SEIU Local 2015 is here to support you. We represent over 315,000 in-home and nursing home care professionals and we are working to raise awareness about the vital contributions you make to society. We have recently won minimum wage hikes of $15 an hour in Los Angeles and San Francisco and protected funding for nursing homes. We also won overtime pay for in-home caregivers and are fighting for other workplace protections. We can see our message getting through to politicians and the public. But we need your help to secure and extend these gains.

Those who choose to serve society’s most vulnerable people deserve respect and fair compensation. It is due to the collective strength of our members that we will be able build a sustainable future for all caregivers and our health care system. Help us shape that future by joining SEIU Local 2015.


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