Voting on Founding Documents

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Eighteen months ago our union, SEIU Local 2015, was created as a bold new union to unite the power of more than 325,000 California long term care providers to focus on caregiver issues and to grow the movement of long term care workers in our state.  Since that time we have used our collective voice to do just that.  Working together as Local 2015, our members…

  • Passed the first $15 minimum wage in the nation.
  • Restored the seven percent cut to IHSS consumer hours.
  • Delivered overtime, wait time and travel time for home care workers.
  • Won contracts that have increased wages and benefits for thousands of nursing home and home care workers.
  • Passed ballot measures that advance our values and position us for a brighter future.
  • Introduced optional member benefits like vision, dental, and life insurance.

The members of Local 2015 have proven that when home care and nursing home workers stand united, anything is possible.

The next step in continuing to build the strongest long term care union is to adopt a Constitution & Bylaws that will govern our organization, choose a set of organizational priorities that will guide our work, and vote for a dues structure that will ensure that we have the resources necessary to achieve our priorities and continue to win for our members.  We have to build the strongest union possible in order to protect our victories from the threats of a new U.S. Presidential administration.

Leading this process for more than a year has been the Local 2015 Member Advisory Committee, a group of caregivers who are committed to building the most powerful union not only for today but one that will be strong for generations of caregivers to come.   They have worked long and hard to develop the enclosed proposed Constitution & Bylaws, organizational priorities, and member dues structure for your review and future vote.

We want to thank the Member Advisory Committee for its leadership, along with all of the members who have provided feedback at their regional organizing committee meetings throughout this process.  It’s the collective efforts of all of our members that have helped to develop what we believe is the foundation for greater strength, future victories and our fight forward.

Please take a moment to review the enclosed materials.  Ballots are scheduled to be sent out the first of February.  If you have any questions, please contact the Member Action Center at 1-855-810-2015 or email us at

Thank you for entrusting us with this important work.


The SEIU Local 2015 Member Advisory Committee and Provisional Officers:

Laphonza Butler, Provisional President

Arnulfo De La Cruz, Provisional Officer

Kim Evon, Provisional Officer

April Verrett, Provisional Officer

SEIU Local 2015 Member Advisory Committee

The SEIU Local 2015 Member Advisory Committee is comprised of member leaders representing the diversity of our union, the industries in which we work, and our vast geographic reach. Members include:

Angela Alvarado

Tara Animashaun

Claudia Nicolasa Arevalo

Marissa Avila

Abdullah Awad

Constance Barker

Christenea Bonham

Eva Bruce

Enrique Camacho

Amanda Carles

Martha Chico

Julie Chow

Maria Cibrian

Vivian Deniston

Maria Diaz

Markenza Dyas

Susan Escalante

Pablo Esparza

Simon Fields

Ceva Giumelli

Thomzsond H

Joyce Hayashi

Susana Hernandez

Minnie Hill

Loretta Jackson

Brenda Jackson

Marguerite Johnson

Suk Kim

Lesia Louro

Rebecca Lyon

Shirley Martineau

Belen Martinez

David Martir

Daisy McArthur

Tina Nguyen

Patricia Ornelas

Shawn Pagano

Vanessa Pena

Po Sum Poon

Antonio Poteat

Ana Julia Ramirez

Michele Reed

Lisa Rizzo

Rob Robbins

Carmen Roberts

John Roe

Arminda Sanchez

Laticia Sanchez

Theresa Snowden

Earnie Spencer

Leon Standifer, Jr.

David Stone

Cheryl Stubbs

Sherri Swartz

Hripsime Tamazyan

Dorothy Taylor

Montique Thompson

Mario Torres

Martha Valladarez

Guillermo Vasquez III

Eusebio Vilchis

Annie Westerbeke

Po Ling Wong

Tonya York



Building a Union Like No Other!

As the Member Advisory Committee started work on our new Constitution & Bylaws and member dues structure we knew that they had to support our work to build strength for the future of long term care workers and achieve what our members have identified as being key priorities.  These priorities include economic and worker justice to improve wages, benefits and working conditions for all long term care workers, and win retirement security; housing justice to tackle affordable housing issues; restorative justice to transform our criminal justice system into a fair and just system for all; immigrant justice to keep families together and advocate for the passage of policies that respect and value our immigrant brothers and sisters; and environmental justice to demand environmental standards for clean air, water, food, and healthy neighborhoods.

In addition to supporting these priorities, our Constitution & Bylaws and member dues structure must also build strength to defend and protect what we have won from being dismantled by a new U.S. Presidential administration that has already shown that it values corporate interests over worker rights and the needs of our families.

As we look to our future, the Member Advisory Committee believes that the proposed Constitution & Bylaws, organizational priorities, and member dues structure being presented for your consideration are the foundation our new union needs to be bold, to build the strength necessary to lead in the fight forward, and to be a union like no other!

 “We have an opportunity to build a 21st Century workers’ organization that is powerful, dreams big and delivers for our members, those to whom we provide care, and our communities.  I believe our proposed Constitution & Bylaws, member dues structure, and organizational priorities gives us the foundation, resources and focus to do exactly that!” — Lesia Louro, San Bernardino County

“The Member Advisory Committee gave a lot of thought to what our members have said they want our organization to be and how we all must take ownership in supporting that vision.  We’re incredibly proud of what is being proposed and hope you’ll join us in supporting it.” — Patricia Ornelas, Yolo County

Keeping in mind the hopes and dreams expressed by our members during the Provisional Officer’s 36 county Listening Tour, our Member Advisory Committee, with the input of other members, are proposing a Constitution & Bylaws, member dues structure, and organizational priorities that will help us achieve our hopes and dreams and protect our victories.

Highlights include…

  • A mission, vision, and values that reflect what our members have said they want our new organization to be.
  • Membership categories that allow for long term care workers and our allies to participate in our organization and support our goals.
  • An organizational leadership structure that helps ensure that every member voice can be heard and be part of the decision making process.
  • Executive Board and Officer roles that seek to empower our members by ensuring full representation from the industries we represent and the geography our union covers.
  • A membership dues structure that allows for members to fairly invest in our organization and that supports us in achieving our collective goals.
  • Ethical practices that hold our organization and elected representatives to the highest standards.
  • Organizational priorities that speak to the needs of our members, those to whom we provide care, and the communities in which we live.

Questions?  Call the Member Action Center at 1-855-810-2015 or email us at

Access Constitution & Bylaws, Organizational Priorities, and Dues Structure information here.

Also available in other languages:

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January 17th, 2017