My Union. My Pay. My Choice.

In addition to the attacks on immigrants, children, religious groups, and unions — now the Trump Administration is attacking caregivers, telling us what we can and cannot do with our pay.

We caregivers work hard for our wages and have a right to do with them what we want. Being in a union is a choice that caregivers across California make. This proposal is nothing but a blatant attempt to silence us and deny us our right to a union. The Trump Administration shouldn’t restrict that choice and tell caregivers what they can and cannot do with their wages.

This proposed rule would stop us from having payments, including our union dues, conveniently deducted before receiving our paychecks.

No one, especially the Trump Administration, should be able to tell us how we can spend our paychecks. I choose to invest in my union.

Let’s remind them that this is our work, these are our wages, and this is our right — let’s tell the Administration that this is: “My Union. My Pay. My Choice.”

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Here’s How We Fight Back:

  1. Vote November 6, 2018. The only way politicians listen to us is if we replace politicians who fight AGAINST caregivers and working people with politicians who will fight FOR caregivers. Not Registered? Register at
  2. Sign A New Membership Card: Comit & recommit to your union: confirming your support for improving the lives of caregivers and consumers: Signup process begins below.
    In addition, please sign up for direct deposit – you can access the CA.Gov resource at

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