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IU 2015 is committed to a Justice Agenda that is not just about resisting the moment but investing in the future.

The Local 2015 Member Advisory Committee believes that our mission demands that we fight injustice where we see and experience it. We believe this mission calls on us to fight for our members and all one and a half million long term care workers in California who are not yet members of Local 2015 because all long term care work must be valued and respected. We also believe this mission calls on us to fight for our consumers, our families and our communities because in today’s environment we know that we all must raise our voices together to demand the change that we want. We have an opportunity to build a 21st century workers’ organization that is powerful, dreams big and delivers. By standing for justice in solidarity with other organizations and individuals, we will build a movement that disrupts the unjust status quo to bring about lasting transformational change towards a more just society for all. Based on hearing clearly from members during the Provisional Officers’ listening tour and direct one-on-one conversations and research, the Local 2015 Member Advisory Committee is proposing the following as being key priorities for our members’ futures and the future of our organization:

Economic & Worker Justice: The unprecedented income inequality and attacks on workers’ rights that we have been experiencing for the last 30 years require us to take action. We must not only defend and protect what we have, we must also forge new ground in our efforts toward winning for workers.Key campaign efforts would include:

  • Bargaining strong contracts to continue to improve wages, benefits and working conditions for all long term care workers
  • Fighting of a secure retirement for caregivers
  • Holding nursing home owners accountable for quality care and safe staffing
  • Getting timesheets and paychecks on time
  • Growing the number of CA Long term care workers in our union
Economic and Worker Justice, SEIU Local 2015

Housing Justice: Members of Local 2015 have stated this as a critical issue and this crisis faced by working Californians crosses geography, class, race and ethnicity. Without the security of having a roof over ones head there is very little hope of achieving your hopes and dreams. Affordable housing for working people is key to restoring our communities.Key campaign efforts would include:

  • reversing laws and ordinances that prevent the expansion of fair housing policies
  • build affordable, workforce housing
  • passing laws that expand rent control to more people and in more communities

Immigrant Justice: America’s immigration system is broken. We must protect against leaders who would choose to profit for themselves more than value all lives. We believe in the respect and dignity of immigrants; that a modernized immigration system that includes a path to citizenship for the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants will strengthen our families, our communities and our country. These efforts would include:

  • America’s immigration system is broken. It is our responsibility to protect our immigrant workers and their families from a current federal administration that seeks to criminalize immigrant communities.
  • We believe in the respect and dignity of immigrants; that a modernized immigration system that includes a path to citizenship for the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants will strengthen our families, our communities and our country.
  • We will work to help pass state and local policies that respect and value all immigrants in our communities.
  • We will partners with community allies and leaders to increase civic participation in our immigrant communities.
  • We will work towards building statewide and local partnerships to protect families and ensure resources necessary to keep families together.
SEIU Local 2015, Our Justice Agenda to bring economic and worker's justice to the people

Restorative Justice: Today our criminal justice system produces very little justice. People of color and those living in poverty fare far worse than most. The entire system – policing, the courts, prisons and recidivism – needs to be transformed into one that is fair and equitable for everyone. Our vision is a system that focuses on real second chances rather than punishment alone. Here, we would act as partners in:

  • achieving real policing reform that works for the public and the police
  • abolishing cash bonds which punish only those who can not afford to pay
  • holding accountable the prosecutors who see injustice and fail to act
  • uniting all our communities
Economic and Worker Justice, Housing Justice, Immigrant Justice, Restorative Justice, Environmental Justice: Our Justice Agenda, SEIU Local 2015

Environmental Justice: It is an injustice that in California your zip code, race and income often determine whether you will have access to clean air and water, be able to healthy food or live in a clean environment. Far too many of our members talk of their families who live, work and play in communities that are polluted by large corporations who are often held unaccountable. We believe that all Californians – regardless of race, color, national origin or income – deserve the right to clean air and water, healthy food and clean neighborhoods. We would partner in campaigns to:

  • support and advocate for policies that expand access to clean air, water, food and healthy neighborhoods
  • campaigns that hold corporate actors accountable to environmental standards

Disability Justice: Our vision for justice includes communities that recognize the wholeness of all people by providing full inclusion and access, while upholding the same rights and freedoms for all, regardless of ability or disability.

We are dedicated to cross-movement collaboration that expands understanding of the impact of ableism on the lives of disabled people, and of the cumulative – and often deadly – effects of its intersection with other forms of oppression and marginalization.

We will support and advance policies that uphold and make real the right of people with disabilities, to live in their own communities, in ways that they choose, free from discrimination, abuse, disrespect, lack of opportunity and neglect.

We are committed to uniting people with disabilities, caregivers, and advocates to realize a shared vision of well-funded, high quality personal assistance services which includes quality caregiving jobs that respect the skill of caregivers and their union, and keeps them in the profession.

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Together We Rise, SEIU Local 2015, Our Justice Agenda
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