About Us – Mission Statement

Mission Statement:
SEIU Local 2015 is California’s Long Term Care workers organization that will unleash the collective power of long term care workers, their families, and their communities, harness the power of technology, and build a broad movement to disrupt the unjust status quo in order to bring lasting transformational change towards a more just society for all.

Meet SEIU Local 2015:

Vision Statement:
SEIU Local 2015 is a diverse, ethical, and transparent 21st Century worker organization leading with vision, understanding, clarity, and agility, thereby thriving in an ever-changing world.  Through the work of our members, by building partnerships, and embracing innovation and education, SEIU Local 2015 long term care workers will have achieved quality jobs that deliver livable wages, retirement security, respect, and the right to a union for all.  SEIU Local 2015 will have placed the new American Dream within reach by ensuring the accessibility of quality long term care for seniors and people with disabilities, and securing a quality life for our communities which includes access to affordable quality healthcare and housing, safe neighborhoods, educational opportunities, and racial and environmental justice.

Values and behaviors:

Leadership shows up when we organize others around a vision, take courageous action, build powerfully diverse relationships and inclusive teams, are accountable to results, are committed to demonstrating ethical standards and culture, and when we inspire others to learn more, dream more, do more and become more.

Compassion shows up when we create space in our hearts and minds to empathize with the suffering and challenges of others and reveal a pathway for solutions.

Empowerment shows up when every worker is given the opportunity to discover their leadership potential and exercise it on behalf of others.

Accountability shows up when we exercise every day self-reflection, ownership, and responsibility for one’s words, ideas and actions.

Transparency shows up when we ensure that open communication at all levels is used and promoted to build lasting trust among our members and for their organization.

Excellence shows up when we demonstrate the ability to find lessons in our successes and failures, opportunities to learn each day, and the desire to always strive for improvement.

Leadership Team:

April Verrett, SEIU 2015

April Verrett

Kim Evon, SEIU 2015

Kim Evon
Executive Vice President

Arnulfo de la Cruz, SEIU 2015

Arnulfo De La Cruz
Executive Vice President

Dereck Smith, SEIU 2015

Dereck Smith
Executive Vice President

In August 2017, SEIU Local 2015 elected our union Officers and Executive Board members representing the counties and industries in which our members work. The Officers and Executive Board members will officially be sworn into office in the Fall.

You can check out the full list of our elected Officers and Executive Board members here.

Founding Documents:
In the Spring of 2017, SEIU Local 2015 overwhelmingly voted in support of our founding documents. These documents included our Constitution & Bylaws that define and guide our organization, along with Organizational Priorities that comprise our Justice Agenda.

Click here for our Founding Documents.

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