SEIU Local 2015 Newsletter – December 2018

Published on: December 21, 2018

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Member Message

“My name is Norma. I’ve been a home care provider since 2005 and a proud dues paying member of SEIU Local 2015. What I love about our union is that we stand up and fight for the dignity of all workers regardless of the color of your skin, the country you were born in or the zip code you reside in.

Because of our beautiful diversity, we can bring communities together to lift up the lives of caregivers and those we serve as well as all of the families we touch every day.

You see I am a Salvadoran Temporary Protected Status (TPS) beneficiary which allows me to live and work in this country. My daughter is a DACA recipient and a college student. We are both contributing to this country that we love – the country that is home. Because our union has fought for caregivers like me and young people like my daughter, we are able and ready to fight to protect our Union and our 385,000 sisters and brothers of SEIU Local 2015.

I hope you all can join me in making sure we have a strong and powerful union in 2019 and beyond. If you’re already a member, recommit today to SEIU Local 2015. If you’re not yet a member join now to make sure we all have a bright and just future.”

Norma Zelaya, IHSS Home care Worker, Los Angeles County

Monthly Member Update

Who We Are

SEIU Local 2015 represents over 385,000 long term care workers across California. Given the growing senior population and the increasing demand for caregivers, this sector has become one of the fastest growing workforces in the state, making SEIU Local 2015 a powerful voice that advocates for caregivers, seniors and adults and children with disabilities.

SEIU Local 2015 is at the forefront of fighting to secure program funding, dignity and respect in the workplace, and livable wages and benefits for nursing home, IHSS, and private agency workers.

Together we continuously fight for our Justice Agenda that seeks to improve our communities by helping raise job and quality care standards for long-term care workers, pass laws to support issues like affordable housing, a fair criminal justice system, humane immigration policies, protections for our environment and advancements for disability rights that improve the lives of the people we care for.

Join us in our fight for dignity and respect for our workforce, our consumers, and our communities by continuing to build a strong union that can stand up to any attacks from those who don’t share our values or vision for the future.

Member Benefits

Introducing an exclusive new offer only for members of SEIU Local 2015!

SEIU Local 2015 has been working toward finding solutions that will provide members with an easier way to get paid and strengthen their union. Introducing Wisely Direct by ADP for SEIU Local 2015 — a reloadable debit card that allows our *eligible members to receive their pay on payday as well as load other funds securely and conveniently. We have a great service provider in ADP, one of the nation’s largest payroll processors, with over 60 years’ industry experience.


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SEIU Local 2015 members are eligible at additional cost for other great benefits including:

  • Voluntary MetLife Dental HMO or PPO Plans
  • New Hyatt Legal Plan
  • Life and Accident Insurance through Reliance
  • Discount on cell phone bill
  • Discounts at retail stores through SEIU MB

Member Stories

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Our Democracy At Work

Thanks to the hard work of our members and over 300 Democracy Captains, comprised of member leaders, in hundreds of neighborhoods across California, who contributed over 25,000 volunteer hours, this November we elected 90% of our endorsed candidates and champions for working families and long term care up and down the ballot!

Champions like Governor elect Gavin Newsom. Our members look forward to working with him and his administration to advance our Justice Agenda issues and secure funding for our long term care programs.

In addition, our voices and our votes helped secure a super majority of working family candidates in our California Senate and Assembly and win 7 of 7 Congressional seats which will create the checks and balances we need in Washington, D.C. as we look to take back the White House in 2020.

We also helped ensure that propositions and measures supporting housing for veterans and children and funding transportation infrastructure in our communities soared to victory!

When our long term care champions win – caregivers and those we care for win! This is especially important as we get ready in 2019 to:

  • Permanently restore the 7% hours for IHSS
  • Ensure quality care by enforcing our staffing legislation and getting ready for AB 1629 reauthorization of funding for our nursing homes.
  • Eliminate any future threat of Electronic Visit Verification from becoming a reality.

These wins are instrumental as now we are facing the toughest challenge yet as the federal government is trying to disband our union by telling caregivers what they can and can’t do with their pay.

You can make sure we continue to have a strong union with a track record of winning by:

  1. Recommitting to your union and opting for alternative ways to invest.
  2. Become a union member for the first time and join your sisters and brothers in building a stronger future.

Recommit or sign up now by clicking button below

2018: Winning Year For Caregivers

We are proud to celebrate the incredible contract victories and hard work of our members.

This year alone we successfully bargained 57 contracts covering 259,301 members that advanced improvements in wages, benefits and working conditions for caregivers statewide.

Home Care Wins include:

  • 10 IHSS contracts covering 275,866 IHSS providers. We now have 18 counties where IHSS providers will remain above the minimum wage.
  • 3 Private Agency contracts Covering 731 homecare workers.

Nursing Home Wins include:

We put well over $1 billion in new Federal, State and County money into the pockets of IHSS workers through our negotiations!

These are historic wins and will support thousands of caregivers in receiving the dignity and respect for their work that they deserve. Be sure to watch your mailbox and vote to adopt these contracts!

We’re not done yet. We will use these victories to support our efforts in our upcoming contract campaigns across the state.

If you want more information about how you can be involved in your contract campaigns or find out more about your contract, please call the MAC at (855) 810-2015 or text MYUNION to 97779.

Parting Words From Our President Laphonza Butler

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your President of SEIU Local 2015.

As I communicated to you in an earlier letter, I can say unequivocally that this has been the job of a lifetime. Almost 10 years ago, in 2009, the members and staff of SEIU ULTCW welcomed me with trepidation and hope after what had been a tumultuous time in the life of the local, our national union, and the state.

From that day to this, we worked together to achieve incredible victories for caregivers and our communities including:

  • Some of the largest wage increases ever across all our sectors.
  • Sick days, overtime, wait time, and travel time for IHSS providers.
  • Mandatory staffing levels for caregivers in California nursing homes.
  • A path to raising the Minimum Wage to $15 for 6 million Californians.
  • $12 million in federal funds to train more than 6,000 home care workers in their profession.
  • Withstood the attacks of the US Supreme Court and came out stronger and bigger.
  • United the voices of over 385,000 SEIU caregivers into ONE statewide organization.

And while it has been the job of a lifetime, I have always known that it should not be my job for a lifetime.

As I move on in my journey, I am confident that what we have built together will continue to thrive and flourish under the leadership of April Verrett for whom our SEIU Local 2015’s Executive Board members unanimously decided to appoint as interim President, effective January 1, 2019. April has been in the struggle to advance the dignity of working people for the last seventeen years with SEIU.

As one of our current Executive Vice Presidents, April has demonstrated a commitment and passion for justice as well as dedication to achieve results. Her leadership will help guide the long term care worker movement to continue to claim its voice and advance the implementation of a transformative justice agenda to create a state and a nation where all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

As we close out 2018 and this incredible journey we’ve had together, I want to personally thank you for all that you have taught me about caregiving, sacrifice, compassion, and the infinite possibilities that exist when we believe in each other and are united. It has been an honor and a gift to serve as your president.

In Solidarity,

Laphonza Butler
President of SEIU 2015