Have questions about long term care work, unions or SEIU Local 2015 in particular? Well we’ve got answers.

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What is SEIU Local 2015?

SEIU Local 2015 is the union for over 325,000 home care and nursing home workers in 49 counties across California. To see our Mission Statement, click here.

What is a home care worker?

A home care worker is someone who provides essential services to the elderly or disabled outside of a nursing home or hospital context. These services can include medication monitoring, daily exercise, physical therapy and many other tasks that require a skilled, patient professional. Home care workers can be a relative of the person in need of assistance, though many are not.  The home care members of SEIU Local 2015 either work through the state’s In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program or are employed by a private home care agency.

What problems is SEIU Local 2015 working to solve?

As Americans continue to live longer and and the “Baby Boomer” generation grows older, the demand for quality long term care will increase. However, in most places, home care and nursing home workers are underpaid, overworked and underappreciated. This leads both to these long term care workers living in poverty and dangerous shortages of qualified professionals, as many leave the industry because they can’t make ends meet. SEIU Local 2015 will raise professional standards in the long term care industry by securing fair wages, reasonable benefits and good working conditions for all caregivers.

What has SEIU Local 2015 already accomplished?

Among its accomplishments, SEIU Local 2015 has recently negotiated raises for more than 135,000 long term care workers in counties throughout the state. We were also a major force in successful efforts to raise the minimum wage in Los Angeles and San Francisco, thereby impacting the lives of millions of Californians and setting the example for other cities across the country to follow.  These victories have sparked national movements to increase wages for all workers including a statewide initiative to raise California’s minimum wage to $15 an hour and provide additional sick days.

How do I become an IHSS worker?

You can find information about what you need to do to become a professional IHSS provider in the state of California by visiting the Department of Social Services website here.

Why should I be a part of a SEIU Local 2015?

If you are a home care or nursing home employee, trying to bargain on your own with an employer for fair compensation is almost impossible. Powerful interests have every incentive to keep labor costs low and their profits high. But with the collective force of 325,000 fellow workers on your side, you are in a position to turn the quality care you give others into a sustainable career at the center of our healthcare future.

Okay, but are there any other benefits to being an SEIU Local 2015 member?

Yes, many. From discounts to scholarship opportunities for you and your children, SEIU Local 2015 members have access to a range of benefits. For more information about these, call our Member Action Center at 855-810-2015 and visit our Member Benefits page.

Will SEIU Local 2015 be able to help me if I have problems with my employer?

Yes, that’s one of the things we are here for. If you have questions about your contract or another workplace issue, please call the Member Action Center at 855-810-2015

I am looking for in-home care, but I don’t think I can afford it. Am I eligible for financial assistance?

You might be. The California Department of Social Services provides financial assistance to qualified patients through the In-Home Support Services Program. You can find out if you meet the eligibility requirements by clicking here.

How do I apply for the IHSS Program?

To apply for the IHSS Program, fill out this form and submit it to your local county IHSS office.

I am a long term care worker who is currently without a client. Can SEIU Local help me find one?

Whether you are a home care worker looking for a client, or a client looking for help, we can help connect you with the provider registry in your area. Call the Member Action Center at 1-855-810-2015 for assistance.

I am a care worker between clients right now. Can I still access SEIU Local 2015 benefits?

You can continue as an SEIU Local 2015 member even when you are not working with a client. We also offer an Associate Member Program at a reduced rate for those who are not currently eligible to join a union.

I am a home care worker looking to acquire new skills. Can you help me find training programs?

We want our members to be as versatile and skilled as possible, so we’ve partnered with the California Long Term Care Education Center (CLTCEC) to offer a variety of training programs to help you provide high-quality care. For more information on the CLTCEC and about the programs it offers, please click here.

How do I become a member of SEIU Local 2015?

Contact the Member Action Center at 855-810-2015, or stopy by any of our SEIU Local 2015 offices.

Where are your offices located?

We have many offices throughout the state. There is a list here. [link]

Who are SEIU Local 2015’s Provisional Officers?

SEIU Local 2015’s Provisional Officers are Laphonza Butler (President), Arnulfo De LaCruz, Kim Evon, and April Verrett. All are experienced labor representatives and organizers with a deep understanding of the work and needs of long term care professionals.

Are there opportunities for me to get involved in union activities?

Absolutely! Member participation is essential to the kinds of changes we are trying to make. The more active you are with fellow members and in your community, the more we can accomplish.




January 15th, 2016