San Benito County IHSS Still In Negotiations

March 19, 2024

IHSS members are still in negotiations with the County’s Board of Supervisors. You’ll hear more details soon, so stay tuned!

San Benito County IHSS contract over the last 8 months.

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Over the last 8 months, San Benito County IHSS workers have gathered at the San Benito Board of Supervisors office to speak out on their demand for adequate healthcare benefits/livable wages amidst contract negotiations.

Currently, San Benito is the only county in the Central Coast that does not give healthcare to providers. As a result long-term care workers are leaving their jobs to relocate and work new positions with better contracts that include healthcare benefits. Some care providers are even leaving the long term care industry altogether.

San Benito IHSS provider Norma Gutierrez is one example of a care provider leaving San Benito county to seek healthcare coverage. Norma lived in Hollister, a city in San Benito County, where IHSS providers have no healthcare benefits. She ultimately moved to Santa Clara where health benefits are offered to IHSS providers.

Several protests took place at the San Benito Board of Supervisor Hall, where IHSS providers expressed their frustration over the lack of a contract addressing low wages and the absence of healthcare. Community allies joined them in their cause. Read the full article here

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