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June 28, 2021
Posted in Events

Caregivers need your help. 

Across California, caregivers have been on the frontlines of the pandemic. They’re working long hours, caring for our loved ones. So why aren’t we treating them like the essential workers they are? 

We’re calling on California leadership to put an end to the low wages and disrespect caregivers face by implementing a $20 minimum wage for California caregivers. 

This wage increase will help caregivers, who are most often women of color, care for themselves and their families without the heavy financial stress they’re currently facing. It will show them that our leaders value their work, and see how essential they truly are. 

Please take a quick 20-30 second video of yourself to show that you stand with SEIU 2015 and are calling on California leadership to give caregivers a $20 minimum wage!

  1. Start by holding your phone horizontally, or “landscape”.
  2. Introduce yourself. “I’m Maria Gomez, a CNA in Oakland, CA,” or “I’m Rose and I’m a home care worker in Los Angeles, CA.”
  3. Address one or more of the following:
    • What struggles do you face as a caregiver?
    • Why are caregivers essential?
  4. Your demand on what we need. 
    • It’s time that leaders take a stand for caregivers and commit to a $20 minimum wage!
  5. The video does not have to have a professional appearance; however, try to make sure your face is well-lit/visible and that we can hear what you are saying. This may require moving to a quieter or brighter location.
  6. If possible, leave 5 extra seconds at the beginning and the end of the video for editing purposes.
  7. For HIPPA reasons, do not include any resident, patient, or consumer names in the video.
  8. It’s a good idea to try making the video 2 or 3 times.