President Obama’s message to SEIU re: the Affordable Care Act

We received a message from President Obama–he wanted to thank the members of SEIU for standing up for the Affordable Care Act again and again and for all of the work we have done together to help our communities benefit from the healthcare law. The President’s message is found in the video below.

If you want a reminder of how the Affordable Care Act is working– the law our Union helped pass, has promoted and protected–remember these facts:

  • The law is delivering affordable healthcare options that fit the needs of working families. As a result of all the law’s coverage expansions, 90% of all Americans have health insurance. More than 16 million Americans previously without health insurance now have quality affordable coverage. Access to healthcare through expanded Medicaid coverage is also on the rise.
  • It’s helping everyone thrive—regardless of where they live or what they do for a living. Healthcare spending growth is at the lowest rate in more than 50 years, allowing paychecks to go farther and working mothers and fathers can spend more in our communities to support local stores and services.
  • The law is improving access to care for all communities, but especially communities of color. Tax credits have allowed Americans, but particularly Latinos, African Americans, and young people—those who typically fare the worst in our economy—to afford healthcare for their families, many for the very first time.
  • It’s making our hospitals more financially secure, freeing up more funds that can be invested in patient care and educating and training frontline hospital workers. It is estimated hospitals saved $5.7 billion in costs to care for uninsured individuals in 2014, freeing up funds that can be dedicated to improving quality care for patients and frontline hospital workers.Thank you for all you do! Feel free to share the video widely.

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