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Caregivers are the backbone of our community. Sacramento care providers are the first line of defense in keeping our seniors safe and healthy in their own homes. It’s an essential human right to receive care in a setting of one’s choice. In-home care providers empower our community’s older adults and people with disabilities to have that choice. But the infrastructure for long-term care in Sacramento County is in crisis. Last year, over 2 million authorized care hours went unused—leading to countless individuals going without the essential care they need. Sacramento County must take decisive action in order to attract and retain caregivers—ensuring that we’re prepared to meet the County’s exploding demand for care. 

It’s time to support our local care providers with a $20 wage floor!

  • With support from our Care Providers, Sacramento Seniors are able to remain safely in their own homes – out of emergency rooms and out of institutionalized care.
  • Increasing care providers wages will generate increased household income, that in turn will support the economy in Sacramento through additional household spending. Sacramento County could see economic growth of over $200 million in the next few years from a reasonable increase in wages for our care providers. 
  • Paying our care providers a living wage would encourage growth in the profession, which is critical to be able to take care of the number of Seniors in our community—a number that is quickly growing. As we look to the future, we must prioritize our providers to take care of the number of Seniors needing their care. 
  • In 2022, IHSS care providers earned $16 per hour, substantially below the living wage for one adult without children in Sacramento County. 

Caregivers protect and support Sacramento County Seniors, it’s time for Sacramento County to support Caregivers.

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