Congratulations on Becoming a Member of SEIU 2015! Welcome to the Local!

“The work we do as caregivers is extremely difficult. Sometimes you feel like no one understands. Sometimes you can’t make ends meet and feel like you have nowhere to turn to. All that changed for me when I joined my union. I met thousands of other home care workers and nursing home workers who, like me, were sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I felt so empowered when I realized that I was not just Kim, I was Kim plus 385,000 long-term care workers ready to fight for better wages; ready to fight for dignity and respect for our work; ready to fight for a better quality of care system for those we care for; and ready to fight for a justice agenda for our communities. I felt like I belonged. I felt like I had a voice, like I mattered.

I’ve been speaking up for so many years to demand more hours and better pay but things sure do change when it is me and all of you speaking up together. We as long-term care workers matter, and we are worth the fight to keep our dignity and our self-respect by negotiating better wages, benefits, and better contracts. We deserve it.” – Kim Ballon, IHSS Care Provider, Ventura County

With representational responsibility for over 385,000 home care, skilled nursing facility, and assisted living center workers, SEIU Local 2015 is the largest long-term care union in California.

It is our mission to unleash the collective power of long-term care workers, their families, and their communities, harness the power of technology, and build a broad movement to disrupt the unjust status quo in order to bring lasting transformational change towards a more just and equitable society for all.

Congratulations on taking the first step in joining the fight for better wages, benefits, and policies to better the long-term care system and your community! It is time to unleash the collective power of caregivers throughout California and continue to add to our victories to date.

As a full member you will be able to:

  • Vote on the county contract that governs your wages, benefits, and work hours
  • Attend member-only meetings and have a say in decisions that impact your job
  • Join your fellow members as well as workers across California and the U.S. to lobby for better pay and working conditions for long-term care workers as well as fighting for the dignity and respect for care recipients
  • Access various member-only benefits and discount programs offered by SEIU and SEIU Local 2015, such as Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Accident Insurance, Legal Plan, Debit and Credit cards, loans, Discounted Movie and Theme Park tickets, Free or Low-cost College access and much more.

Please keep an eye out for your SEIU Local 2015 Welcome Packet which will be mailed to you over the coming weeks!

If you have any questions, you can contact us at the Member Action Center at 1-855-810-2015.

Congratulations on making this important decision for your benefit and the benefit of your community. We look forward to meeting you in person soon! Don’t forget to visit our websiteFacebook, and Twitter to make sure you participate in upcoming actions and receive notifications of legislative and bargaining victories near you!

In Solidarity,
-Team SEIU Local 2015