The Elinor Glenn Scholarship Fund 2024

Our scholarship fund is named in honor of Elinor Glenn. Elinor was a trailblazer for long term care workers’ rights and women’s rights rooted in her journey as the first woman organizer in SEIU; her work that organized thousands of Los Angeles county public sector workers resulting in the formation of SEIU 434 and her leadership that helped to elevate the modern home care workers’ movement. SEIU Local 2015 is proud to honor her efforts and continue the legacy of this important scholarship fund.


Elinor Glenn Scholarship is open to Union Members of SEIU 2015 and their immediate family. Outlined below is eligibility and how to access this scholarship.

  1. The qualifying member must have at least one year of continuous employment as a long term care worker and be a union member of SEIU 2015 in any of the 49 counties represented by SEIU Local 2015 as of May 31 of CURRENT YEAR.
  2. The caregiver, spouse/partner or his/her children, step children, or children as a guardian, and grandchildren are eligible.
  3. To qualify, applicants must be attending a 4-year university, grad school program, accredited community college, trade-tech school or online college as of the fall semester.
  4. Each individual is eligible for this scholarship only once.
  5. Only one scholarship award is available per household per year.
  6. Scholarships will be awarded based on merit, without consideration of the applicant’s sex, race, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

Each year, a review committee composed of SEIU 2015 members from across the state will be selected to evaluate eligible applications. The committee will assess each entry to the scholarship fund according to the established guidelines.


All three sections of the application will be evaluated and scored, with a total possible score of 50 points. The personal statement will be judged by the review committee based on the applicant’s ability to follow the prompt described below and can be awarded up to 20 points. Volunteer activities will be eligible for up to 15 points. The Applicant’s GPA has a total possible score of 15 points as well, depending on the GPA. The minimum GPA required for the Scholarships is a 2.8.

Essay Prompt:
What are your goals towards social change and what social justice, labor or political activism have you undertaken? Please ensure correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling in your response.

Application Frequently Asked Questions

Type of Scholarship: Scholarship funds may be used towards any costs associated with program in which they are enrolled. This includes books, materials, tuition, clothing, transportation or other items to be used during the program enrollment period.

How many scholarships to be offered: 20 per year

How often will it be offered: once per year

The following Scholarships are available: (5) Five Long Term Care Scholarships for up to $2,500 will be given to Applicants seeking a career in Long Term Care.  Applicant applying for the Long Term Care based Scholarships, are seeking to advance a career in long term care including but not limited to work in a Nursing Home, Assisted Living Facility, doing Private or IHSS Homecare, Respite Care, or advocacy that promotes the dignity of long term care workers and related care programs. The typical applicant may be seeking a relevant degree, certification or classes that provide them with professional advancement.

(15) Fifteen additional Scholarships for $1,000 each will be given out to Applicants pursuing studies in other fields.    

The Applicant is the person who is applying for the scholarship and may be a Long Term Care Worker or the immediate family, which includes their spouse or partner, children, step children, or children they are guardians over, and grandchildren.

The Qualifying Member is the Long Term Care Worker and Union Member of SEIU 2015.

The Member Employer is the name of the person that an IHSS Provider cares for or the facility/agency name of a Nursing Home or Private Agency.

All Applicant’s statement should clearly describe:

  • Specific information of applicant’s history about social justice, labor, or political activism.
  • Applicant’s goals for working towards social change 
  • Applicant’s goals for professional advancement within the long term care space if applying for the specific Long Term Care Scholarship

Please ensure that your application is legible and can be easily read by the scholarship review committee members.

List: Organization name, responsibility, time frame, and approximate hours spent as volunteer or activist. Include a summary of your reference’s name and contact number for verification purposes.

Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. If you are graduating from high school this year, you must attach your high school transcript. If you have completed at least one year of education after high school you must attach your college, university or technical/vocational school transcript. Your transcripts must reflect you have maintained at least a 2.8 grade point average. Documentation needs to be submitted within the week that the application was submitted.

Incomplete applications will not be evaluated.

Deadline for accepting applications will be Friday, May 31st, 2024. NO EXCEPTIONS

Previous Years Winners