SEIU Local 2015 believes that all workers regardless of industry or type of work should have the ability to join a union and promote standards for all workers. We fight everyday to ensure the promise that every worker has to be part of the highest form of democracy – joining together to build power and achieve together Justice for All.

How Do We Accomplish This?

Members stepping up to help other workers join our union; taking leadership roles at the bargaining table and in the workplace to represent their co-workers. Through this, we can work to:

  1. Engage thousands of non-union nursing homes and private homecare agency workers to begin to hold their employers accountable and empower them to join SEIU Local 2015 to make real tangible changes at their facilities and in their communities.
  2. Expand the right to organize by  advocating for laws and policies that remove barriers for long-term care workers and others to have a voice at work and bargaining power.
  3. Build a movement of labor, faith, community, disability, and youth organizations that demand long-term care workers have the right to live with dignity and the ability to organize freely.
  4. Support member leaders to confidently enforce their contract and rights on the job, set and raise standards through collective bargaining and win workplace justice through direct action.

What Have We Accomplished So Far?

  1. Raised wages and living standards for over 300,000 In-Home Supportive Services providers throughout  the State of California.
  2. Worked together with tens of thousands Nursing Home workers in over 200 facilities around the state for contracts to provide protections and safety on the job and improve wages, benefits and other conditions of employment.
  3. Trained member leaders to advocate for themselves and their co-workers for strong contracts and workplace respect.