Our SEIU 2015 leaders established a program that offers assistance to our members who may encounter those unfortunate but real hardships and emergencies in their lives. Here’s how the program works:

Members Who Qualify

A Member who has kept current on their dues for at least nine straight months or has faithfully paid their dues at least 18 out of the last 24 months are eligible to apply for the benefit.

The Amount Available

A maximum benefit of $650 is available and can be accessed twice within a 24 month period. The Benefit is available until the amount budgeted for the year is exhausted. Funeral assistance is the exception and the  Committee will be able to assist with up to $1,000.

Items Covered

The benefit is meant to be used to provide support for hardships related to rent, utilities, funeral expenses, major auto repairs and the like. Benefits are not paid to the member, but to landlords, utilities, cemeteries, auto shops and other vendors.

How a Member Applies

Members wishing to be considered for assistance call the Member Action Center (MAC) at 855-810-2015. Members qualified for the benefit will need to provide the following:

  1. ID
  2. Address
  3. Documentation that supports the request. Examples may include actual bills and invoices related to request, an Eviction notice or rental lease, Bill from Utility for cutoff, Obituary notice, auto repair bill, etc…

How Your Application is Approved

Once the documents and membership status have been collected, it is placed before the Hardship Fund Member Committee. The Members of the committee review to make sure the criteria has been met and that the hardship falls into the categories of assistance the Committee has set. 

The Committee evaluates the requests coming in from members seeking the Emergency assistance. Please send your inquiries via this link.