Local 2015 works to ensure and maximize participation beyond just voting for everyone at every level of government.  Together, we will dismantle the policies, systems, and structures that prevent participation, and eliminates structural racism that denies us of our rights.

How Do We Accomplish This?

Members become active participants in their democracy year round to provide continued education to elected officials about the challenges facing long term care workers and our communities; advocating for the solutions required and using the power of their voice and vote to hold elected officials accountable to their commitments.  Through this we can work to:

  1. Equip our Democracy Captains and Member Leaders with the tools and knowledge necessary for us to be effective agents of political and community change.
  2. Recruit and train long-term care workers to run for office and be leaders in their community.
  3. Advocate for full participation in our democracy by working to break down barriers and further support the full participation of women, people of color and immigrants in our political process, which includes but is not limited to: increasing voter education, voter registration, voter participation and citizenship.
  4. Elect champions for long term care, thereby ensuring that all long-term care workers in California are able to live with dignity and respect. Click here to see who and what we are fighting for this election.

What Have We Accomplished So Far?

  1. We won overtime pay, wait time pay, and travel time pay for IHSS providers in 2016. We have successfully fought off the 7% cuts to the IHSS program and have achieved federal paid sick leave for IHSS providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. In 2018, we passed SB 97, which raised the minimum staffing standards for direct care workers in skilled nursing facilities in California. In 2019, we passed AB 1695 to hold nursing home employers accountable when a change of ownership occurs and to protect the existing employees at the facility.
  3. During the 2018 election cycle, we worked to elect a Governor who shares our priorities for long term care and focused efforts in key Congressional races across the state, leading to CA flipping 7 seats and reclaiming control of Congress nationally.