SEIU Local 2015 members are a powerful force for change.  We strive everyday to achieve our Justice Agenda – the commitment our members made to fight for Long term Care For All, Democracy For All and Unions For All.  As the largest union of long-term care workers, we harness the power of our 400,000 members to advance the dignity and value of long term care workers, the lives of seniors and people with disabilities for whom they provide care and the communities across California in which we live and work. 

Our members connect with each other in their workplaces, counties, local communities and across the state to build the power needed to achieve concrete wins for hundreds of thousands of essential workers just like you. We believe that our union is successful when we invite members to be active on the issues important to them and support their development as leaders in their workplace and their communities.   

Together, with a team of elected member leaders and dedicated staff, we promote a strong and vibrant member driven organization by inspiring long term care workers to become members of our union family; participate in their democracy at every level of government; hold employers accountable to raising standards for long term care workers at the bargaining table and at the ballot box; and providing members with the tools and supports they need to represent their co-workers and communities in our fight for economic and racial equity.