At the 2020 Convention our members unanimously passed resolutions and amendments to our Constitution and Bylaws to strengthen our organization and set a standard for others to follow.

On January 31 and February 1, 2020, a thousand SEIU Local 2015 member leaders came together for our first SEIU Local 2015 Convention. Held in Los Angeles, the two-day event celebrated our victories over the last four years and set in place our program to win for our members in the year and years to come.

Convention Images Day 1:

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At the Convention our members unanimously passed resolutions and amendments to our Constitution and Bylaws to strengthen our organization and set a standard for others to follow. 

These include…

Resolution to be an Anti-Racist Organization: This resolution speaks to the commitment of Local 2015 to be an anti-racist organization and our dedication to dismantle the structural racism our country was not only built on but continues to utilize today to suppress people of color.

Becoming Anti-Racist Organization Resolution-Armenian
Becoming Anti-Racist Organization Resolution-Chinese
Becoming Anti-Racist Organization Resolution-English
Becoming Anti-Racist Organization Resolution-Hmong
Becoming Anti-Racist Organization Resolution-Korean
Becoming Anti-Racist Organization Resolution-Russian
Becoming Anti-Racist Organization Resolution-Spanish
Becoming Anti-Racist Organization Resolution-Vietnamese

Resolution on Leadership Empowerment: This resolution recognizes that SEIU Local 2015 is an organization that derives its power from the leadership and activism of its members and that our vision for achieving our Justice for All, and racial and economic equity can only be accomplished by building a movement of leaders from our diverse membership and communities and commits us to doing so.

Leadership Empowerment Resolution-Armenian
Leadership Empowerment Resolution-Chinese
Leadership Empowerment Resolution-English
Leadership Empowerment Resolution-Hmong
Leadership Empowerment Resolution-Korean
Leadership Empowerment Resolution-Russian
Leadership Empowerment Resolution-Spanish
Leadership Empowerment Resolution-Vietnamese

Amendments to our Constitution and Bylaws: Delegates to the Convention overwhelmingly passed these amendments in order to maintain maximum flexibility to quickly adapt to future needs and challenges so that we may best promote growth in membership, support organizing non-union long term care workers, bolster our leadership, and lead with our values.

C & B Amendments-Armenian
C & B Amendments-Chinese
C & B Amendments-English
C & B Amendments-Hmong
C & B Amendments-Korean
C & B Amendments-Russian
C & B Amendments-Spanish
C & B Amendments-Vietnamese

Omnibus Resolution: As we look to the future and plan the work before us, this resolution outlines our Justice For All and our focus on winning Unions For All, Democracy For All and Long Term Care For All.

Our Plan to Win: Justice for All

In order to continue our work to achieve the Justice Agenda our members voted on in 2016, we will focus our work on winning Unions For AllDemocracy For All, and Long Term Care For All.  These three “For Alls” are also known as our fight for Justice For All.

Unions For All

  • Guarantees that every worker has the right to the highest form of democracy – joining together to build power and create balance within our democracy.
  • Where all workers regardless of industry or type of work have the ability to join a union and promote standards for all workers.

Democracy For All

  • Ensures and maximizes participation beyond voting for everyone at every level of government.
  • Dismantles the policies, systems, and structures that prevent participation, and eliminates structural racism that denies us of our rights.

Long Term Care For All

  • Building a long-term care system that meets the needs of everyone who needs care, and breaks down barriers to care because of income and structural racism.
  • Creating a long-term care system that works for workers by delivering dignified wages and benefits, retirement security, training, and an anti-harassment environment.

Justice for All Resolution-Armenian
Justice for All Resolution-Chinese
Justice for All Resolution-English
Justice for All Resolution-Hmong
Justice for All Resolution-Korean
Justice for All Resolution-Russian
Justice for All Resolution-Spanish
Justice for All Resolution-Vietnamese

By focusing on these three key areas, we not only have a program to win, but will lead the way to a brighter future for our members, for all workers, and for long term care.