Could Roe Ruling Spark a Dem Policy Push?

Politico Pro’s “Morning Shift” newsletter | May 4, 2022

The SEIU is rolling out a lobbying campaign Thursday around D.C. to ramp up pressure on Congress to advance funding for home- and community-based care services as part of a revived, Democrat-backed budget reconciliation deal.

The initiative includes banners and other displays across major traffic spots around Congress and other parts of the capital, as well as other actions on social media and on Capitol Hill.

“Though Build Back Better as we’ve known it is a morphing and changing thing, the need for investment in home and community based services has not changed,” April Verrett, the chair of SEIU’s home care council, told Shift. (To be sure, there are still no signs of life for a revived Build Back Better package after the effort fell apart last year.)

Verrett said the labor group is hoping to tap into the renewed energy among women and Democrats in light of POLITICO’s groundbreaking report on the Supreme Court’s initial draft ruling that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

“They are very different things, but the voices and the power of women is a singular thing that will be on display this week,” she said.