Hey Providence bosses: We demand action now!

July 26, 2022
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A message from your bargaining committee:

Sisters and brothers, 

Providence asked us for an opportunity to bring meaningful proposals to our contract negotiations to bring real improvements at ALL facilities. We’ve now met with them at the table, and while their proposals were an improvement, they do not do enough at ALL of our facilities and for ALL workers to end short staffing, bring wages and benefits that will support us and our families, and fix what’s broken in our facilities.

We’ve been patient, but our patience is running out.

Providence has had enough time to give us good proposals. We’ve called on them to give us their best proposals by August 5th

We need to prepare together to do all it takes to win a fair contract.

  • We WILL hold a day of action on August 10 and picket up and down the State.
  • We WILLhold a strike vote later this month.
  • That means that if the bargaining committee determines we need to strike to protest the employer’s disrespectful unfair labor practices, we WILL be prepared to.

For months, you’ve taken strong action to win a fair contract. 

We can’t stop and won’t stop now.
Join our August 10th day of action!

If you want more info about what’s getting bargained in your facility or about the next actions, contact your organizer or bargaining committee member.