Nursing home workers kick off picket at West Haven Healthcare Center to protest low staffing levels and union-busting efforts. 

Press Contact:
Terry Carter, 213 uies
July 9, 2024

West Covina, CA – Members of SEIU Local 2015, the nation’s largest long-term care union and California’s largest labor union representing more than 470,000 nursing home workers and home care providers, are picketing in California at West Haven Nursing Healthcare Center to demand safer staffing standards to ensure that all residents receive the high quality care they deserve. 

There has long been a staffing shortage in California’s nursing homes, and this issue was only exacerbated during the COVID pandemic. This has resulted in alarming turnover rates among underpaid and underprotected care workers. 

At West Haven Nursing Healthcare Center, workers are taking action and protesting:

  • Chronic short staffing
  • High staff turnover
  • Unsafe working conditions

The employer has proposed minimal wage increases of only 1.45% to 1.65% over the next 3 years, rejected contributions to the Union Education Fund, and failed to set basic standards for worker’s wages and healthcare. The employer has even gone so far as to personally utilize union-busting techniques, such as holding captive audience meetings during work hours. 

Workers at West Haven Nursing Healthcare Center are ready to picket for their right to a safe, equitable workplace. Like many nursing home facilities, West Haven Nursing Healthcare Center workers have a high turnover rate due to the stress of dealing with understaffing and a lack of safe staffing protocols. 

“Long-term care workers are some of the most essential workers in our communities. They have served and protected our loved ones throughout the pandemic and beyond, yet are caring for more residents than they can safely attend to, working double shifts sometimes exceeding 16 hours, are at times denied sick days and, understandably, think about leaving these jobs they love,” said SEIU 2015 President Arnulfo De La Cruz

“We are doing this because we are demanding better benefits. We want fair wages, better health insurance, and money put into the union’s education fund. The cost of living is very high and they want to give us the bare minimum,” said West Haven CNA, Ana Silva

“We are fighting for better wages. We are fighting for the right to be treated with respect in our workplace,” said West Haven dietary aide, Fernando Valenzuela

Participating SEIU members will be available on-site for interviews and can speak to today’s actions in addition to the breadth of work the Union is doing to combat this crisis and ensure better wages and benefits for their members, with the goal of dramatically reforming the industry for its long-term survival.To learn more about SEIU Local 2015 visit or on social media @SEIU2015.