Death Trap: When COVID-19 Hit L.A. Nursing Homes, Where Was the County’s Department of Public Health? | June 15, 2020

John is one of the lucky ones. That is, if good fortune can be ascribed to someone living at a nursing home where 83 residents and 30 staff have contracted COVID-19 – and 19 have died from the disease. The 66-year-old California native, who suffers from lymphedema, tested positive, but was asymptomatic. Two of his roommates died of COVID-19, he says, which he learned when a staff member disclosed it to him privately.

Like thousands of nursing home residents in Los Angeles County, John (who asked to be identified only by his first name) was not tested for the illness caused by the novel coronavirus until COVID-19 had already spread widely in the region’s congregate living facilities. “They should have tested everybody right away and monitored them,” he said. “It was in the news that nursing homes were particularly hard hit. You’d like to know.”