Dereck Smith, Executive Vice President, SEIU Local 2015

Dereck Smith has been working with, and on behalf of, California’s long term care workers for over 24 years. He has played an instrumental role in many victories in the fight to lift up home care and nursing home workers across the state, including the historic 1999 Los Angeles County IHSS organizing victory that gave voice to 74,000 home care providers when they won the right to join SEIU Local 434B. This victory represented the greatest organizing victory for the U.S. labor movement since 1941 and paved a path forward for other IHSS providers throughout California.

As Executive Vice President, Dereck leads with members in Regions 2 and 3. He is dedicated to the success of caregivers across California – working with member leaders to ensure that the voices of long term care workers are heard, their needs addressed, their work respected, and their wages and benefits reflect the dignity they deserve. 

Prior to serving as Executive Vice President, Dereck was the Chief Operating Officer for Local 2015 – Dereck worked closely with members to ensure the financial health of the organization and its operations. Dereck is also a Deputy Trustee on the SEIU Affiliates Pension Plan.

In the midst of the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement, Dereck continues his work to lift up voices in the black and brown communities that so many Local 2015 members come from. He is also focused on building coalitions with other leaders and organizations that share Local 2015’s values and vision for social and economic justice.

Originally from Belize, Dereck has proudly called California home since 1991 and has two grown kids who he enjoys spending time with when he is not working and fighting for long term care workers.