Electing caregiver champions up and down California

February 26, 2024

SEIU 2015 is committed to electing care champions to office who will work to put care first and make sure long-term care workers’ voices are heard in the halls of power. 

This upcoming election will be one of the most important of this decade. There are competitive races happening for almost 40% of California’s legislative seats. Sometimes, it only takes one vote to make or break the passing of a new law.

Anti-worker corporations and CEOs want to fill these open seats with politicians who will do their bidding and work on behalf of big business. We can’t allow that to happen. There is too much at stake with this upcoming election. Lives and livelihoods are on the line. 

That is why SEIU 2015 has been door-knocking and making calls on behalf of the public officials who will champion members: to make sure members get the representation that they deserve. Together, we can all effect change. We just need to have the right candidates in office. 

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