Fresno Nursing Home Workers Strike News Coverage

September 22, 2022

Nursing home workers of SEIU Local 2015 walk out to bring attention to poor working conditions contributing to high turnover rates, unsafe staffing levels, and bounced paychecks.

During attempts to continue negotiations over the weekend, the employer presented an ultimatum to distraught workers: call off your legally-protected strike or we refuse to continue bargaining.

KMPH Fox 26: Sunnyside Convalescent Hospital workers striking in Fresno

Employees with one Fresno nursing home are going on strike to protest what they are calling poor working conditions.

KFSN ABC 30: Employees strike due to ‘poor working conditions’ at Fresno County Sunnyside Convalescent Hospital 

Staff members say they staged a one-day walkout and strike to bring attention to poor working conditions at the nursing home. Read the full article online at ABC 30 Action News.

Fresno Bee: Fresno nursing home staff plan to strike, alleging low staffing levels and bounced checks

Raymond Rodriguez, of Sunnyside Convalescent Hospital in Fresno, is among an estimated 30 nursing staff members who are expected to go on a one-day strike Wednesday. They’re alleging unsafe working conditions due to low staffing levels, delayed payments and disrespect by administrative staff endured by the facility’s staff and residents. Full article here.

Yahoo News: Employees strike due to ‘poor working conditions’ at Valley hospital

Dozens of workers lined Peach Avenue near North Avenue outside of the Sunnyside Convalescent Hospital Wednesday. Watch the video here.

The Fresno Bee: ‘Taking a stand.’ After one-day strike, Fresno nursing home staff could walk out indefinitely

Following a one-day strike this week, nursing staff at Sunnyside Convalescent Hospital are threatening to walk out indefinitely next month if the facility’s owner doesn’t return to the bargaining table to address their allegations of unsafe staffing levels, bounced paychecks and some staff not being paid minimum wage. Full article available online at The Fresno Bee.

ABC 30: Coverage of the Fresno County Nursing Home Workers Strike

Fox 26 KMPH: Sunnyside Convalescent Hospital Nursing Home Workers Strike in Fresno

ABC 30 KFSN: Fresno County Nursing Home Workers Strike at Sunnyside Convalescent Hospital