Share Your Nursing Home Story

Caregivers need more.

Across California, we have been on the frontlines of the pandemic. We work long hours, caring for California’s most vulnerable. And yet, we aren’t treated like the essential workers we are. 

Please take a moment to share your experience. You can write your story below, or submit a quick selfie video by either uploading your video to YouTube and sending us a link —OR—upload it directly using the form (click here for a how-to guide on creating a video).

Elements of your story:

  1. INTRO:
    Start with something like: “My name is ____ and I live in ____ and have worked at my facility for ___ years. What I love most about working in a nursing home is __________.”
    What are you most proud of in your nursing home work? What is your “super power”? Tell us about a resident you care for where you really show this quality/skill.
    Describe a specific recent shift that really illustrates a problem in your workplace that affects residents (unsafe staffing levels, broken equipment, inadequate food, etc.). Be sure to be very specific and paint a picture of what really happened that shift. Saying “One CNA was doing the work of three” doesn’t paint a picture for the general public. Need to explain what that means for patients. Was someone left too long in soiled bedclothes during that shift? Talk about that patient and how it made them (and you!) feel. Did someone have a delay in getting medication? Were you unable to help someone with their meal? Also, if your facility is experiencing high staff turnover, be sure to mention that, too. 
  4. Be brief but specific. Try to keep it under two minutes.

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