Meet your Sonoma County IHSS Bargaining Team

March 27, 2024

For the past month, Sonoma County home care providers have been raising their voices for a new, improved contract. Through this process, we have the opportunity to increase wages, improve benefits, and raise standards for Sonoma caregivers and those we care for.

Meet the team representing Sonoma providers at the bargaining table

“I have been an IHSS care provider and proud member of SEIU 2015 for 11 years. There are over 6,000 IHSS care providers in Sonoma County. It’s a real struggle to live here with the high cost of living and with IHSS providers only making $17.35 an hour. With your support, we can get respectable wages and a fair contract.”

“I’m a single mom that has a special needs son. I’ve been working as an IHSS provider for 34 years now, taking care of my son, older adults, and special needs people. I’ve been knocking on doors in other states to help other providers organize into unions. We won in every state we went to. I have also lobbied legislators at the Sacramento Capitol.”

“I’ve been a caregiver and a SEIU 2015 member for over 10 years. I’ve taken care of both loved ones and other clients. I moved to Sonoma County about two years ago and joined the bargaining team to help us get a wage increase.”

“It is necessary that the community and the government work together. All of us find joy in being rewarded for our work and effort. I support my husband and my son, but we have financial shortfalls. That is why listening to my coworkers, who are going through the same things, and getting a raise, would help improve our situation.”

We have been collecting stories from members about their experiences working in Sonoma County and it is clear that we need a strong contract NOW.

Currently, the wage is $17.35, which is well below the living wage for the area. Providers are having trouble paying their bills and facing increased financial stress. The Board of Supervisors has the opportunity to help ease the burden and we won’t stop showing up until they do.

Come out to the next Board of Supervisors meeting on April 16, 2024 to raise your voice and demand a stronger contract. Click here to RSVP.