The 2019 Elinor Glenn Scholarship Recipients

SEIU Local 2015 would like to congratulate this year’s Elinor Glenn Scholarship recipients. Each recipient received a $1,000 scholarship to put toward his or her higher education. In 2019, 20 recipients were selected to receive the $1,000 scholarship created to honor Elinor Glenn and her incredible contributions to fight for worker rights and women’s rights.

Member / Recipient Relationship:
Claire DuPont: Parent is member Robert DuPont
Cynthia Gonzalez: Grandparent is member Evelia Garcia
Daniel Franco: Parent is member Andrea Rios de Franco
Daylen Williams: Parent is member Fayne Pitts
Daniel Santos: Parent is member Mercedes Santos
Eva Kaganovsky: Parent is member Svetlana Kaganovskaya
Ellen Ebbers: Grandparent is member Diane Hall
Jennifer Hernandez: Parent is member Silvia Hernandez
Ivan Leguizamo: Parent is member Maria Leguizamo
Jaylene Valdivia: Parent is member Araceli Valdivia
Kassidy Rodriguez: Grandparent is member Ana Rodriguez
Ivan Lopez: Parent is member Dolores S. Lopez
Nathan Barukh: Parent is member Andrea E. Barukh
Nicolas Vigil: Parent is Dean Vigil
Rochelle  R. Kohanteb: Parent is member Suzanna Kimia
Wilhelmina Schwind: Parent is member Wren Schwind
Ximena Avalos: Parent is member Luz Padilla
Brandy Freeland, Ayesha Wright, and Samantha Martinez are members themselves.