Mr. Ayers beset by nursing home issues

LA Times | September 18, 2023
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Miscommunication leads to hospital

With a new violin in hand, I walked into a nursing home for seniors in southeastern L.A. County, eager to see the look on my buddy Nathaniel’s face. A once-promising career as a classical musician was hijacked half a century ago with a diagnosis of mental illness. But a continuing love of music keeps him alive, and I had promised to replace his broken violin and cello.

When I arrived, a nurse informed me that Mr. Ayers, as I call him, wasn’t there. He’d been hospitalized after what appeared to have been a colossal screw-up. A month earlier, when he was transferred from a nearby facility to the nursing home, there’d been a miscommunication about his condition and treatment plan. As a result, his glucose levels were dangerously high. 

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