Our Path to Statewide Bargaining

March 27, 2024

With statewide bargaining, our home care members would be able to drive standards across the entire state, not just county by county. One table. One big, strong negotiation. 

Last year we introduced AB 1672, a bill that would grant statewide bargaining to every single IHSS provider in California, all 650,000. 

This bill made major waves in Sacramento. We have already had so many victories in this push. We had a huge number of legislators who wanted to co-author our bill. We won amazing bipartisan support in the Assembly. In fact, our Policy Director said she’d never seen this many legislators want to sign on to a piece of legislation!

We won big again when Governor Newsom approved a state budget that included funding for a statewide bargaining design group. This group will spend the next several months developing an implementation plan – a path forward to turn our vision into a reality. 

This design group recently began meeting and will deliver their findings and recommendations to the Assembly and Senate Budget Committees by the end of the year. After that, our plan includes a new bill with the workgroup’s recommendations, and Governor Newsom has said if that bill gets to his desk, he is going to sign it. 

Home care providers from all over California will be there every step of the way until we win!