SEIU Local 2015 Celebrates the Victory Of Pro-Worker Woman Of Color Liz Ortega

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Terry Carter, 213 uies
November 10, 2022
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California’s largest labor union, representing nearly 450,000 nursing home and home care workers, applauds the election of Liz Ortega as she steps into office.

Liz Ortega
The long-term care workers of SEIU Local 2015 are honored to be represented by Liz Ortega in Assembly District 20. Our member committee on political action endorsed her early in the race as a champion of economic justice and a leader in the labor movement. Liz Ortega’s leadership will create more pathways to good jobs with higher wages, training, and opportunities to unionize within the long-term care industry—an industry powered by women of color who see political representation as  a lifeline. The home care industry is nearly 90% women, with more than half identifying as Black, Latina and Asian women. It’s imperative that these workers see their needs reflected as priorities for elected officials. SEIU Local 2015 member leaders look forward to working alongside Liz Ortega to improve our communities’ care infrastructure.