Some really good news for long-term care in the state budget

June 30, 2022

We’re excited to share our major victories in the state budget the Governor recently signed because of your hard work and dedication!

  • One of our most significant achievements this year was securing retention payments for nursing home workers who battled on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic and provided critical, life-saving care when we were at our greatest need. Nursing home workers will receive a minimum of $1,000, but may receive up to $2,000 if their employer makes an additional $500 contribution which would then be matched by the state. This accomplishment would not be possible without the hard work from members like yourself who contacted their legislator and attended union rallies.
  • Governor Newsom and the State Legislature have committed to workforce development and reforming the Medi-Cal reimbursement system to invest in nursing homes that have entered into a collective bargaining agreement—in other words, unions matter, workers having a voice matters.
  • Beginning July 1, 2022, IHSS providers will receive 8 additional hours of sick leave. This welcomed victory earns providers a total of 24 hours of state sick leave per fiscal year (July 1st–June 30th).
  • IHSS and WPCS consumers will soon have access to up to 80 hours of emergency backup services a year.
  • New IHSS providers will soon have a more convenient option to enroll in the CalSavers retirement savings account at the beginning of the application process.
  • Beginning January 1, 2023, California minimum wage will increase to $15.50 an hour, which is directly attributed to the “Fight for $15” campaign and your efforts to secure income equity.
  • Additionally, California families may be eligible to receive a tax refund up to $1,050. Individuals making less than $75K will receive a $350 refund; couples making less than $150K will receive $700; and families with at least one dependent will receive an additional $350.

Make no mistake, this is because of YOUR advocacy and determination to #PutCareFirst. You’re shaping the future of worker rights and long-term care across the nation by creating a model for other states to follow. We still have a long journey ahead of us, but today we celebrate your achievements.