Statewide Coverage of California’s Long-Term Care Workers Care-a-Van Bus Tour in Support of AB 1672—the “Our Care Counts” Bill

May 8, 2023

California’s IHSS workers are kicking off a statewide caravan bus tour in Los Angeles demanding California elected officials to pass the “Our Care Counts” bill—Assembly Bill 1672—that would allow care providers to use their collective voice to advocate for improved pay and benefits of more than half a million essential home care providers across California by enabling statewide collective bargaining.

This bus tour will mobilize thousands of care providers and their supporters at various campaign events across the state, from Fresno and San Bernardino to San Francisco and San Benito. The bus tour will culminate with a powerful rally at the steps of the capitol in Sacramento.

Univision 34: Con programa buscan mejorar las condiciones laborales para los cuidadores domiciliarios en California

Según Arnulfo de la Cruz, presidente del sindicato SEIU local 2015, la organización representa a más de 450,000 cuidadores de casa y la mayoría de ellos son mujeres e inmigrantes quienes no tienen un salario o contrato establecido. Al respecto, se presentó un programa con el que buscan que el estado mejore las condiciones laborales de estos trabajadores. “Es un trabajo importante que da dignidad a nuestros ancianos, ¿por qué no podemos pagarles un salario digno?”, dijo. Ver artículo completo aquí…


Times Standard: IHSS caregivers rally in Eureka for better benefits, $1.55 hourly raise

“We’re advocating for a fair contract here in this county. We’ve been in negotiations for four months, and things aren’t moving,” said Katie Coventry, a local caregiver. The demonstration is part of the union’s campaign to pass the “Our Care Counts” legislation, Assembly Bill 1672. Read full article…


 A group of IHSS workers took to the steps of the Lake County Courthouse on Monday to advocate for better wages and benefits for IHSS (In home supportive services) workers throughout the region. Organized by Luisa Acosta, the rally was in support of Assembly Bill 1672 the “Our Care Counts” bill which would allow IHSS providers and employees to negotiate their contracts and wages at a state level instead of the county level. Read more…

Los Angeles

NBC 4: Our Care Counts Los Angeles Kick Off

Univision 34: Fix IHSS Homecare for the Aging Caravan

Spectrum News: Our Care Counts Los Angeles


KRCA Sacramento: Our Care Counts Rally

San Francisco

Mission Local: SF caregivers win $25 minimum wage

San Francisco will pay thousands of city-contracted caregivers a minimum of $25 per hour, after the Board of Supervisors and labor unions today announced a new, four-year contract with the caregivers’ union. Read full article…

Hecho en California: Radio Interview with Arnulfo De La Cruz

Sing Tao USA: 爭取加薪有成果 護理工人慶初捷

代表加州長期護理工人的服務業僱員國際工會2015地方分會(SEIU Local 2015),9日中午在三藩市市府集會,支持由州眾議員楊馳馬(Matt Haney)提出的AB1672法案,務求引起人們對加州長期護理行業面臨的緊迫挑戰的關注。同時,集會慶祝工會與三藩市達成協議,將護理工人時薪提至25.5元,下一步工會的目標則是向全州範圍邁進。閱讀更多…

World Journal: 挺AB1672法案 加州護工大動員金山市府前集會

加州長期護理工作者的全州大篷車動員活動9日開到舊金山市府門前,眾多護工在此集會,呼籲支持加州眾議員楊馳馬起草的AB1672法案,即「我們的護理很重要」(Our Care Counts)法案。這項法案支持護理工人能直接與州政府談判,保護基礎護理工人的勞動權益和福利。閱讀更多…